Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Body Shop Haul

Helloooooo! Today I have another haul for you guys, and it's from The Body Shop! I was in there the other day to buy some shower gel for my sister, and I decided to pick up a few things to myself as a little treat at the end of my first day in work, woooo! Anyway, I got a new Love Your Body card while I was in there, so I got 10% off, plus I got a free shower gel! Bargain ;)

White Musk Libertine Body Wash (RRP £6.50, I recieved it as a free gift for signing up for a card)
Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel (RRP £12.00, but I got it at 50% off so it was only £6!)
Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm (£4)

I absolutely adore the pink grapefruit scent from The Body Shop, it's really fruity and not too chemical-smelling. I hate the scent of the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit range, but this is much nicer. I find the shower gel lathers well, and the lip balm is really moisturising.

(please excuse the incredibly unflattering picture which makes my nose look huge hahaha)
This is what the lip balm looks like on, as you can see it just gives a light pink sheen. This is probably my favourite lip balm ever as it is very moisturising but not too heavy or sticky. Delicious!

Finally, I got this body wash as a free gift for becoming a Body Shop member, so I've not had a chance to try it, but if you'd like to see a review then let me know and I will do one as soon as I've used it a few times! So far, it smells nice but not very strong, however I think that paired with the perfume it should be great. 

I hope you enjoyed this little haul, if you did then let me know in the comments! I'd love to chat to some of you :)
Love, Emma!

Monday, 28 October 2013

"Help... Alcohol?!"

Hello again! Welcome back to another "Help..." episode, the next one in our little series. Today I'm going to be focusing on one of the massive problems that all teenagers face - the pressure to drink. This is a really tricky subject to be honest, and it's something that affects every person at some point in their life. For me, it wasn't until I was 16/17 that I was faced with this, but I know others can deal with it when they're as young as 12. It's also something I feel pretty strongly about because I feel that nobody should ever be pressured to do anything they don't want to do, but especially not drinking. I don't know why, but it just really bugs me. 

HAHAHA how funny is this cheesy little picture I found while googling? Sassy.

"If they try to pressure you into things, they're not true friends"
Okay, everybody says this, and to an extent, it's absolutely true. If your friends are really pressuring you to do things that you're not comfortable with, trying to force you to drink against your will or purposely mocking you/leaving you out if you don't want to. In this case, it is true that they're not proper friends, and you should tell them to piss right off and find some better friends. Simple as.
However, sometimes the best friends can act like idiots. For example, you and your friends may all be going to a party and they're all planning on getting absolutely "smashed", "shit faced" or "rotten", whatever the lingo is for you. You might mention you don't fancy getting too drunk, or you might not be drinking as much as them, and suddenly they're making little jokes all night about you being a 'bore' or a 'party pooper'. They're only joking and they don't mean to hurt your feelings, but it's still annoying and it can feel like you need to drink to fit in. If this is the case, try to explain to your friends (or maybe just one close friend, who can stick up for you in the future) why you don't want to drink so much. Whether it's because you don't enjoy being drunk, you prefer being tee-total, you don't like the taste... I'm sure that if you explain, they'll understand. I had a similar problem with my friends, but I simply explained that drinking could make my anxiety a lot worse, so I preferred not to. As soon as I explained, they understood!

How to deal in social situations when you're not drinking!
1. Choose an approach - either own the fact that you don't drink; show you're proud of it and nobody will question you, or just don't speak about it. If you're drinking Diet Coke at a party, most people will assume it's got vodka or something in it.
2. Leading on from this, if you feel like people won't understand why you're not drinking, don't tell them! Drink Diet Coke or Lemonade, and nobody will question whether you've got alcohol in it
3. Never drink just to show off/impress people. It's not worth it, because at the end of the day, you'll just regret it, and they won't even remember. You won't impress them, you'll just look like a tit when you get so drunk that you sing karaoke at the top of your voice in front of everyone (fun with friends, embarrassing alone)
4. Don't ever pretend to be drunk!! I can't stress this enough, but if there's one thing that everyone hates, it's the girl that staggers around with a WKD in her hand pretending to be off her face when in actual fact she's still on her first drink.
5. You don't have to drink to fit in. Ever.

If you are going to drink
I thought I'd also give you some tips if you are going to drink, since a lot of teenagers choose to. While I don't encourage teen drinking, I'm also not against it, so I'd rather give you some tips to remain safe while you're drinking!
1. Only drink with good friends. This may sound weird, but it's actually quite important in my opinion. When you're drunk, your judgement is a look poorer, and you can make some pretty stupid decisions. You need friends around you who will help you make better decisions, stop you from drinking too much, or help you out if you do!
2. Learn your limits. Everybody needs to drink too much at some point in order to learn your limits. You don't know how much alcohol you can handle until you've had too much. However, once you know, try and stick to it. For example, I know that I'm a lightweight, while my best friend is like a tank so I drink one drink for every two that she does!
3. Go to the bar with anybody who's buying you a drink. Again, sounds ridiculous but if somebody offers to buy you a drink while you're out - go with them. This means that they can't spike your drink, since you'll be standing right next to them. Sound paranoid, but it's better to be safe.
4. Don't go off on your own when you're drunk. Self explanatory really, don't go off alone when you're drunk and vulnerable. This applies for friends too - look out for each other and try not to leave them on their own either!
5. Finally, drink a pint of water before you go to bed. Trust me, it wards off a hangover and you'll be very glad of it in the morning.

Whether you guys decide to drink or not, make sure it's your own decision, and you're keeping yourself safe! If you have any questions for my next "Help..." episode, please let me know!
Love, Emma! 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

My Autumn Essentials

Hello my lovelies! How is your week going? Hope it's going well for you, and that you're not too cold... it's flipping freezing up North where I live! I can't decide how I feel about it - I love autumn as I've said, and I do prefer the cold whether to the hot, but when I'm standing at the bus stop every morning I'm not too sure! Anyway, I thought that today I'd like to post about the essential products that are getting me through these cold months, since I love reading these kinds of posts. I hope you enjoy my essentials, and let me know in the comments what your essentials are!

  • First of all - candles. Candles are the best thing about Autumn, I think, because not only do they smell delicious, but they also give your room such a homely/comfy feeling. My favourite one has to be Vanilla Cupcake by Yankee Candle, which is beautifully sweet and the scent lingers for such a long time. The burner above is also from Yankee, and I recieved it as a gift for passing my driving test in June. You put one of the tarts in the top, and then just a simple tealight underneath. (Tart £1.25, Burner £6.65, both Yankee Candle.)
  • Next, moisturiser! I love this Soap&Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk, because it smells of delicious honey and almonds, which is a perfect warm scent for winter. It's also a great consistency, because it's thick enough to be really moisturising, but it doesn't feel heavy or leave your skin feeling sticky. (£10, Boots)
  • My next favourite product is this bath and shower gel, That Vanilla Moment by Treacle Moon. This smells a little like the Vanilla Cupcake candle I mentioned above, and is such a lovely thing to use a burning hot shower at the end of a cold day. However, not only is it a body wash, but you can also pour it into the bath to make a bubble bath! (£3, Tesco)
  • And now, last but not least, is a yummy body spray - and yet again it's vanilla scented. Sorrynotsorry. Anyway, the perfume I'm talking about is The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist. It's a very light fragrance, so it's easy to wear for day-to-day use, but I've recieved so many compliments while I'm wearing it. If you want a little bit of winter in a bottle, you've got it right here. (£7.50, The Body Shop)

So, onwards and upwards! Ignore the candle, I couldn't resist keeping it in the second picture too.
  • Next up, it's really important to keep all your skin moisturised, and that includes your face. I like to use the Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser, because it's really hydrating but it doesn't feel too heavy on my skin. The cold weather and the wind can leave our skin feeling pretty battered, but this really helps to sort it out! (£3-3.50, all drugstores)
  • The next two products are both lip products, so I'll squeeze them into the same bullet point. Anyway, there are two important types of lip products - the ones that moisturise and the ones that add colour. For moisturising, I love the Maybelline Babylips, especially in Peach Kiss or Pink Punch. They're very hydrating, but they also add a tint of colour. I bring these to college and they're really easy to apply throughout the day without a mirror. I really want to get the red one too, since at the moment I only have the two above shades. My next favourite lip look in winter is red lips! My favourite red lipstick has got to be the Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick in Malaga, because it lasts for so long, and is a super pigmented colour. I can put this on in the morning before going to college, and it can last for most of the day. So if you're looking for the perfect red lip, this is the one for you. (Maybelline Babylips, £2.99; Miss Sporty Lipstick, £2.59, both all drugstores)
  • Finally, I couldn't help but through in my favourite winter films - Bridget Jones' Diaries! These are the best films to watch while you're snuggled up in your onesie under a duvet on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate and eating a tub of Ben&Jerry's (just me?)

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you thought in the comments!
Love, Emma 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


For most people, but especially teenagers, your bedroom is a haven. Your bedroom is the only part of you house that is truly yours, where you can be alone and just gather your own thoughts. So it's important that it's a really comfortable and enjoyable place to me. I actually really like my bedroom, however I love seeing other rooms and getting ideas! These are a few of my favourite images I found on Pinterest, so I hope you enjoy!

Love, Emma

Monday, 21 October 2013

"Help! I've got no close friends..."

Hello and welcome to the first installment of "Help...", which is - as you probably guessed - an advice series!

Today's issue is surrounding friends, and more namely, what happens when you have no close friends. Firstly, there are a few reasons you may have no close friends, so let's take a closer look! 

You have friends, but you have nothing in common
I'm addressing this issue first, since it is the one I have the most experience with, as it is something I'm going through at the moment. I have lots of wonderful friends in my school, but we just don't "click". When we're in college, we have fun together, but outside college? We never speak! Occasionally we'll go out together, but it usually ends it me feeling pretty left out while everyone laughs at their inside jokes. There are kind of two ways to deal with this scenario, depending on your circumstances. 

Grin and bear it - if you're in college, or only have a few months left of school, and you don't want the hassle of making new friends, you can just grin and bear it. This is what I do, and since I have close friends from outside college, it really doesn't bother me. At the end of the day, school is about education, and if you nee to spend a few months living in the library, it might be shitty, but your results won't be! 
Look for new friends - this is a harder task, but it is probably the better option. If it gets to the point where you really think you has nothing in common at all, look for new friends! Join a club or society (I know everyone says this but it's true!) to meet people with the same interests as you, or just strike up a conversation with a classmate. It's terrifying, but at the end of the day, what's the worst that could happen? They ignore you. Big woop! Who cares?! 

You have no friends
The advice for this is kind of similar to the above advice: either put up with it or look for friends. However, it's often not that simple. Why do you have no friends? 

People just don't like you - sometimes there's a reason people don't like you, usually there's not. It might be that they're intimidated because you're smarter, prettier... Or maybe they just think you're "weird" because you're different (nothing wrong with that, I can't count how many times I've been called weird!). If this is the case, you need to just keep trying. I know it's hard but just keep trying to start conversations, smiling at people, try joining clubs to meet people with similar interests. 
You have a reputation (which you earned!) - the problem with school is that mistakes follow us. Maybe you were a bully in year 6, or maybe you got around a bit in year 9. Whatever the reason for your reputation, it's lead to you losing friends. This is a hard situation, because once people have made their minds up, it's hard to change them. Start by apologising to people that you hurt, or to old friends. If they can forgive you and befriend you again, then soon everyone else will too. If not, while I don't think running away from problems is a good idea, if you have the option of moving to a new college after your gcses, or going to uni after college - take it. A fresh start, where nobody knows your mistakes, is perfect. 

You push people away
This is another thing I do a lot. Sometimes, for whatever reason, you don't let people get close to you. The problem is, in order to change this, you need to see why you push them away. Often it's due to insecurities, or because you're afraid of letting people see the real you and disappointing them. Sometimes, it's because we have a secret that we don't want people to find out. 
Unfortunately, this isn't something I can give generic advice for, as it really depends on your own situation. However, if you would like advice, feel free to leave a question in the comments or email me at

I hope this post was helpful, and has given you some tips on forging stronger friendships. Remember - the majority of people go trough periods in their life where they don't have many friends, or feel lonely and insecure, so it just means that you're normal! Friends are great, but you can get by without thousands of them. Sometimes you only need one friend, and that might be a sister, a parent or a cousin. 

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments or email 


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Hello ladies!
I know some of you will be dreading Christmas, and others will be jumping for joy and counting down the days. But love it or hate it, we need to accept that Christmas is fast approaching! More and more people are deciding to do secret santa amongst friends nowadays, to save buying presents for loads of friends, hence saving a few quid! Here's some ideas in case you have to buy for somebody you don't know too well, or just want some little tips! I've tried to include a wide variety of prices, depending on your budget.

Top to bottom, left to right.
Soap&Glory Good, Butter, Best Gift Set, £8.00 - contains The Righteous Butter Body Butter, Sugar Crush Body Butter and Butter Yourself  Body Butter minis; No7 Nail Collection, £10.00 - contains 4 beautiful nail colours and a mini intense hand cream; Vaseline Pink Crest Lip Tin Gift Set, £6.50 - contains Vaseline Original, Vaseline with Aloe Vera and Vaseline with Cocoa Butter; Colour Unlimited Beauty Tools, £6 - contains mirror, six makeup brushes and two nail files; Beauticology Candy Cane Small Bath Set, £5 - contains pink peppermint body lotion, strawberry swirl body butter and cherry scented bubbles.
Top to bottom, left to right.
Ghost Sweetheart Gift Set, £24.00 - contains 30ml perfume and 50ml body lotion; Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, £20.00 - contains 6 shadow colours; Soap&Glory Loved & Glossed Gift Set, £16.00 - contains 3 different lip shine shades (Nudist, Fuschia-ristic and Plum Jam); Benefit They're Real Mascara, £19.50 - 8.5g mascara; Boots Miniature Fragrance Gift Set, £15.00 - contains miniature Moschino Pink Bouquet, Ghost Deep Night, Lipsy London, Ted Baker Sweet Treat Polly.
Left to right.
Benefit Crescent Row Eau de Toilette, £29.50 - contains 'Laugh with me LeeLee', 'Under my spell Noelle', 'Ring my Bella' and 'My place or yours Gina' miniatures; Benefit Little Love Potions, £29.50 - contains Hoola, POREfessional, It's potent!, High beam, Posietint, Stay Don't Stray, Watt's up, Bad Gal lash and That Gal miniatures; Nails Inc Nail Polish Collection Diary, £42 - contains 12 full size nail polishes.

I hope this has given you some good ideas, let me know if you've found any great gift ideas!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Friday's Feelings

Hello guys, how are you? Hope you're all well and excited for the weekend! I know I most certainly am. I've had such a hectic week; I was ill at the start of the week so I missed a few days of college, and spent the rest of the week catching up on all the work I'd missed. On top of this, I've been trying to apply to university which is probably the scariest thing I've ever done! I'm hoping to study French, Spanish and Business at university, but since it's a pretty specific course, I've not got many options so basically, if I don't get AAB, I don't go to uni. Ouchie.

Are any of you guys applying for uni this year, or have you applied in the past? If you have any tips for me pleaaase leave them in the comments, I need any advice I can get! It's so scary thinking that I need to get certain grades, and I only have one shot to get them, and if I miss those requirements, I won't get into university. I really want to go, I'm so excited to go! I've already planned how I want to decorate my room, and the course I'm applying for looks so interesting to me. I'll be studying Spanish and French language, as well as culture and literature modules, and also doing some modules in business such as Management, Economics and Introduction to Accounting. Plus, university life obviously looks amazing, I can't wait to be living on my own. I love my family and we're really close, but since my sister moved out in September 2012, I've been so excited to move out and start living on my own. I'm quite an independent person, so I'm looking forward to being even more independent.

[EDIT] Just wanted to add that my posting schedule is going to be four times per week - Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday! [/EDIT]

Hope you're all well lovelies,
love Emma!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

30 Things I Love About Autumn & Winter

Hi guys,

I absolutely adore the autumn/winter season and everything about it. I much prefer dark, cold nights to the long summer nights that most prefer, I'm not sure why. As much as I love going out, I prefer staying in and curling up with a film and a takeaway, and it's much more socially acceptable to do this in winter than it is in summer haha. I hope you enjoy my reasons for loving autumn, and leave me yours in the comments below!

1. Darker colours
2. Early nights
3. The weather
4. Oversized cardigans
5. Putting fairy lights up in my room
6. Rainy days (when I'm inside!)
7. Scarves
8. Candles

9. Crunchy leaves
10. Pumpkin spice lattes
11. Christmas shopping
12. Baking
13. Night time drives
14. Snuggling up with extra blankets
15. Hot chocolate
16. Dark lipstick
17. Vanilla scented perfume
18. Boots
19. Pies
20. Pumpkin everything

21. Leather jackets
22. Not shaving as much... (come on, we're all thinking it)
23. Wasting a full day in starbucks
24. Dressing up for Halloween
25. Seeing excited children ready for Christmas
26. Christmas Eve church service
27. Walks in the dark
28. Moccasins
29. My birthday

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Beautiful Bargains! (New Look Haul)

Hi everyone!

Last week I popped into New Look as I knew there was a sale on and I wanted to pick up a few new items for the new season (AKA my favourite season ever). I was really happy with what I bought, because I'm pretty low on funds, but still wanted some nice things.

Firstly, I bought this denim skater skirt. They had two different shades available, either this one or a slightly darker one. Unfortunately they didn't have the darker one in my size so I got this one, but I like it anyway! It was only £6, instead of the usual £15, which was an absolute steal. It's so easy to wear in all seasons; with a jumper and tights in winter, or with a crop top and bare legs in summer.

The other thing that I bought were these dark green jeans, which are so perfect for the autumn/winter season. I wanted another pair of jeans, since they're just the easiest thing to throw on for college every morning, and for them to be a bit different than my standard blue jeans. This forest green colour is one of my favourite colours for winter, and I've loved wearing these jeans with a grey or cream jumper, as it's such an easy and comfy but stylish outfit.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you've found any bargains recently!
Emma x

Monday, 14 October 2013


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Well...hello there! I'm Emma, and this is my nice shiny little corner of the internet - Typical Teen Times. I'm still not too sure what this blog is, what it's going to become, or anything else about it. But basically, I want a place to pour my heart out, to tell everyone the things that I'm interested in and moan about the things that annoy me. Hopefully, it'll be a bit interesting for you guys to read too. I'm not the best writer in the world, and I'm a bit of an awkward person, so I hope you can forgive me for that and get to know me haha.

So what will my blog involve?
-School related tips - shopping on a budget, how to study effectively etc

If there's anything else you'd like to see, just let me know. I'm still trying to get to grips with this whole bloggy thing, so if you have any advice for me please give it! At the moment, I can't even figure out how to let people follow me! Anyway, I should probably stop rambling now since I'm saying nothing of any interest to anyone. Hope you enjoy my posts!

Love, Emma!