Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Beautiful Bargains! (New Look Haul)

Hi everyone!

Last week I popped into New Look as I knew there was a sale on and I wanted to pick up a few new items for the new season (AKA my favourite season ever). I was really happy with what I bought, because I'm pretty low on funds, but still wanted some nice things.

Firstly, I bought this denim skater skirt. They had two different shades available, either this one or a slightly darker one. Unfortunately they didn't have the darker one in my size so I got this one, but I like it anyway! It was only £6, instead of the usual £15, which was an absolute steal. It's so easy to wear in all seasons; with a jumper and tights in winter, or with a crop top and bare legs in summer.

The other thing that I bought were these dark green jeans, which are so perfect for the autumn/winter season. I wanted another pair of jeans, since they're just the easiest thing to throw on for college every morning, and for them to be a bit different than my standard blue jeans. This forest green colour is one of my favourite colours for winter, and I've loved wearing these jeans with a grey or cream jumper, as it's such an easy and comfy but stylish outfit.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you've found any bargains recently!
Emma x

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