Friday, 18 October 2013

Friday's Feelings

Hello guys, how are you? Hope you're all well and excited for the weekend! I know I most certainly am. I've had such a hectic week; I was ill at the start of the week so I missed a few days of college, and spent the rest of the week catching up on all the work I'd missed. On top of this, I've been trying to apply to university which is probably the scariest thing I've ever done! I'm hoping to study French, Spanish and Business at university, but since it's a pretty specific course, I've not got many options so basically, if I don't get AAB, I don't go to uni. Ouchie.

Are any of you guys applying for uni this year, or have you applied in the past? If you have any tips for me pleaaase leave them in the comments, I need any advice I can get! It's so scary thinking that I need to get certain grades, and I only have one shot to get them, and if I miss those requirements, I won't get into university. I really want to go, I'm so excited to go! I've already planned how I want to decorate my room, and the course I'm applying for looks so interesting to me. I'll be studying Spanish and French language, as well as culture and literature modules, and also doing some modules in business such as Management, Economics and Introduction to Accounting. Plus, university life obviously looks amazing, I can't wait to be living on my own. I love my family and we're really close, but since my sister moved out in September 2012, I've been so excited to move out and start living on my own. I'm quite an independent person, so I'm looking forward to being even more independent.

[EDIT] Just wanted to add that my posting schedule is going to be four times per week - Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday! [/EDIT]

Hope you're all well lovelies,
love Emma!


  1. lovely post! don't worry too much about uni :)

    following! <3

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

    1. Aw thank you lovely! I'm calming down about it a little now, just at times it gets a little much haha! X