Thursday, 17 October 2013

30 Things I Love About Autumn & Winter

Hi guys,

I absolutely adore the autumn/winter season and everything about it. I much prefer dark, cold nights to the long summer nights that most prefer, I'm not sure why. As much as I love going out, I prefer staying in and curling up with a film and a takeaway, and it's much more socially acceptable to do this in winter than it is in summer haha. I hope you enjoy my reasons for loving autumn, and leave me yours in the comments below!

1. Darker colours
2. Early nights
3. The weather
4. Oversized cardigans
5. Putting fairy lights up in my room
6. Rainy days (when I'm inside!)
7. Scarves
8. Candles

9. Crunchy leaves
10. Pumpkin spice lattes
11. Christmas shopping
12. Baking
13. Night time drives
14. Snuggling up with extra blankets
15. Hot chocolate
16. Dark lipstick
17. Vanilla scented perfume
18. Boots
19. Pies
20. Pumpkin everything

21. Leather jackets
22. Not shaving as much... (come on, we're all thinking it)
23. Wasting a full day in starbucks
24. Dressing up for Halloween
25. Seeing excited children ready for Christmas
26. Christmas Eve church service
27. Walks in the dark
28. Moccasins
29. My birthday

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